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The compound chocolate for industrial use contains cocoa derivatives on its formulation, except cocoa butter that is substituted by other vegetable fats. This provides to the compound a special characteristics, as easy and multiple application, competitive price and no tempering process.

Professional Use

Applied as coating for enrobing, it doesn´t require a tempering process before application, so, it makes its use more competitive and easy in certain products. Ibercacao provides technical service to get the expected results on the end product and process.

Transport & Packaging

According to product and customer needs:

• Liquid (paste): Heated 24 Tn tunker trucks  or Heated 1 Tn steel containers (allow industrial trials, avoiding the melting of the product or using higher capacity tanks; ready to use chocolate nearby your production line)


• Solid (discs / tablets): Controlled Temperature Transport (18-21ºC), in 5-20 Kg bag in box.

Shelf Life

The shelf life depends on the product packaging:

• Liquid: 1 month (inside a heated tank with agitation).
• Solid: 9 months (stored on the original packaging at 18/21ºC, protected from sun radiation, humidity and oddor).

The shelf life of the product where the compound chocolate is applied, depends on many factors, and can be higher or lowder than the ingredient´s one.


The range of products varies in flavor, texture, color (dark/milk/white), application (coating, enrobing, moulding, topping, inclusion), formulation, fluidity / viscosity or any other customer request.

New Products 2015

• CHIPS: 9.000 pz/Kg compound chocolate 23% cocoa.
• BATON BOULANGER: different sizes, weights and composition.

Dark Compound pdf
Milk, White and Colored Compound pdf
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