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QUALITY POLICY / Quality and Safety

Our policy of Quality, Safety and Environment is based on a commitment by all workers Ibercacao that through clear guidelines helps us to achieve the quality, safety and environment demanded by our customers and the society. We firmly believe that the viability of our company is only possible if we offer safe, secure and quality products and therefore all company resources are focused on ensuring these objectives.

Through collaboration and dynamism of all people who make up our team we achieve our quality objectives basing our daily work in the following principles:
To be leaders in quality,strengthened our position in the market through customer satisfaction by offering quality products and services.
Obtaining and maintaining within the organization a proper climate of loyalty and pride to ensure the achievement of the objectives.
To satisfy the requirements and the quality of the products that our customers demand and the market, focusing on achieving the highest quality product prior to any other variable.
The quality and food safety of our products is a priority in our activities. Therefore we have the most demanding certifications in the field of Quality and Food Safety:
Certificado Calidad Ibercacao IFS FOOD Ampliar Certificado Calidad IFS FOOD Certificado Calidad Ibercacao BRC FOOD Ampliar Certificado Calidad BRC FOOD
Continuous improvement in processes and products that enhance the competitiveness and quality of processes, products or services
Ministerio de Industria, Ccomercio y Turismo

Title: Actions to improve efficiency and productive capacity at Ibercacao factory.

File number RCI-040000-2018-525

Project funded with the endorsement of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, within the summons for Financial Support for Industrial Investment within the framework of the reindustrialization policy and strengthening of industrial competitiveness in 2018.

Not to use ingredients and / or additives that are derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and the transparent management of allergens.
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